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I can answer questions pertaining to health, UVB specifics, overall husbandry care & supplementation, analysis of blood test results, and behavioral problems & handling. I can answer questions pertaining to bearded dragons, leopard geckos, iguanas, uromastyx & ball pythons. I can answer adeno virus related questions in bearded dragons, & then specifically about the testing methods as well. I am beginning an Pogona Adeno Testing Society in 2008 which will help to begin to start some standardization within the bearded dragon colonies of the breeders who choose to test.

Experience in the area

I have been working with bearded dragons for over 5 years now, as well as leopard geckos, too. I am currently doing rescues, as well. I hope to be able to educate people prior to them purchasing an exotic pet in order to avoid any health crisis with them.


I have a master's degree in sports medicine & physiology, & 1 year of vet tech schooling, & am currently working on a reptile certification through the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.

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2016-09-17 Phelsuma laticauda bump:

Hello David,    You can intubate to put her under general anesthesia and you may not need to put her on oxygen since you won't be flipping her onto her back.  I agree, you could consider an IV instead

2016-09-17 Phelsuma laticauda bump:

Hello David,      It may be that she would need to be put under anesthesia, if you need to completely cut it out.  Do you have a way of titrating oxygen to her during a surgery, at 1-3 breaths per minute

2016-09-17 Phelsuma laticauda bump:

Hello David,    No problem at all!  So sorry it took me so long to get back with you.  I just didn't get the notification & decided to check the dashboard here, luckily.  That's good she is regulating

2016-09-07 Day gecko lump!:

Hello David,    Great, I am glad the weather is so nice there especially for your critters.  We have had hot & humid weather too, but it is starting to go into fall soon.  Hm, that is interesting.  It

2016-09-06 Day gecko lump!:

Hello David,    Greetings from the US!  LOL  How is the weather out in Hawaii?  The day gecko's are so beautiful.  That's a great sized tank for her, too.    Which brand of UVB light do you use?  Is it


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