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I ONLY ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT COMMON LOONS. As a Common Loon expert, I can answer any questions about Common Loons - from biology, behavior, conservation, habitat and environmental issues effecting Loons. AGAIN, I ANSWER COMMON LOONS QUESTIONS ONLY - IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT OTHER ANIMALS, PLEASE ASK A DIFFERENT EXPERT. Thank you!

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I was a guest presenter for the NH Loon Centerís 2005-2009 Summer Nature Talks series, lecturing on the Life Cycle of the Common Loon. I will be returning with 2 shows for the 2010 Summer Nature Talks series. I have lectured on Common Loons at the NH Massabesic Audubon Center, the NH McLane Audubon Center, the York County Maine Audubon, the Harris Center in NH as well as numerous Libraries and retirement communities in MA and NH and assisted living facilities in MA and NH. I wrote a book "Adventures With Grapenut" which follows the life of a 4 day old loon chick until it migrates to the ocean 121 days later. I collaborate with the biologists at the NH Loon Center throughout the year.


Birds & Blooms. Adventures With Grapenut


BS Biology, marine biology major and 10 years observing and photographing Common Loons in NH and ME.

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2013-04-27 Loon nest:

Assuming this question relates to last year....  Loon eggs hatch in 26-28 days after being laid.  The adult loons take turns sitting on the eggs almost 24/7.  If no adults have been on the nest for 6 hours

2012-12-10 Coyote or some type of fox:

From your description and their actions and postures.....  Without seeing a photo they sound like coyotes.  I have seen coyotes that have a reddish tint in certain light.  Coyotes can be found hunting

2011-03-21 wild duck nest:

The Duck should be fine out in the rain.  She probably is leaving the nest a few times a day for food and water. She leaves most likely very early in the morning and late in the evening when you are not

2011-02-03 I'm taking care of an injured wild rabbit (adult):

Hi Jody,  A common Loon in the USA equates to a Northern Diver in UK I think.    Your rabbit may have internal bleeding. However it may just be stunned. If it does eat or drink, it will probably live.

2010-10-15 Course Of Study:

Schooling-wise, courses in biology and or zoology.  However you might try working as a Ranger in a State or National Park.  You might also consider becoming a licensed outdoor guide in your home state


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