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Annuals suggested for specific situations (sun, shade, windowboxes etc) New or unusual annuals are a particular interest of mine, and I grow many of these from seed. I am happy to help problem solve, answer questions about maintenance, and guide you to sources of unusual plants.

Experience in the area

I am a garden writer/speaker/consultant and host of a weekly gardening radio program in the Northeast. I have been gardening all my life for my own pleasure, and started as a professional gardener and garden communicator 15 years ago. I work part-time at a garden center, selling and tending shrubs/trees/annuals/perennials...and doing some propagation and design work. I often think that all these professional activities serve to put a somewhat legitimate framework around a serious case of plant-lust.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

What I love about gardening is that there is ALWAYS something to learn. I especially like growing new or unusal plants, and sharing their characteristics with other gardeners.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

You aren't a real gardener until you've killed plants! Good gardening takes nerve...and the willingness to throw in the towel now and then. Most of the time plants knock themselves out for us...but sometimes they get sick and die. When that happens, the gardener takes it as an opportunity to try something new.

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Recent Answers from C.L. Fornari

2015-07-21 zinna:

The truth about plants, Cynthia, is that sometimes they do well against all odds. So you might as well continue to grow them in your north window and see what happens. They will probably get taller than

2015-07-15 canterburybells:

Cynthia,  You must be stressed. To be so angry at a volunteer who has tried to help you in the past just isn't very kind or reasonable. Sometimes these emails from AllExperts get sent to my spam folder

2015-07-14 canterburybells:

Cynthia,  Canterbury bells are a true biennial, meaning that they grow one year, bloom the next, and then they die. Growing them indoors won't prolong that lifecycle. I have no idea how they'll do hydroponically

2015-05-21 Strawberries:

The best treatment for ants around strawberry plants and fruit is diatomaceous earth. You can get it at most garden centers. It is an organic dust (don't breath it on a windy day!) and you'd scatter it

2015-05-21 Calla Lily:

Since the photo is dark I can't see how large the pot is, but I suspect that this plant may need to go into a larger pot for the summer. That way there will be enough room for some more soil that holds


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