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Dr. Rakesh Kumar


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Topics- bamboo propagation, problems related to proliferation rates of bamboo, improvement and management

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Consultant in two bamboo projects
Ph.D. in Bamboo planting stock improvement. About 20 research papers related to bamboo.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I want to learn more and more about bamboo on all aspects. According to my knowledge I'll serve my best.

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2013-09-26 Bamboo house displays:

Dear Ernie & Debbie,  It is a natural process in plants. Bamboo is also a very sophisticated plant and dries up very soon. If you want to keep it fresh for long time then you can use wet clayey sponge

2012-11-29 Bamboo Roots:

Dear Debbie,  Sorry for delay in answer. Off course you can cut culm from other bamboo plant and you can use either top or bottom, but bottom cuttings normally give better results. You can apply wax on

2012-11-24 Bamboo Roots:

Dear Debbie,  Bamboo roots do not have the capacity to regenerate, so, we can not propagate bamboo from roots. It is possible only through tissue culture. If you want to propagate your lucky bamboo then

2012-03-14 Planting a Bamboo:

Dear Tigest,  Its not difficult task. Take big pot and fill it half with soil. Now fill the soil in big pot upto the neck and then transfer the plant with its soil from tiny pot and. U can irrigate the

2011-04-12 Feeding Bamboo:

Dear Lee,  I am extremely sorry for delay in answer. It is very good that you are worried about bamboo plant. Just follow the instuctions of the person from where you brought the plant. I can suggest you


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