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As a Master Gardener: taken classes in All Phases of Gardening...I Specialize in Lawns... Pererennials... Compost... Organic Gardening.

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2016-04-08 is dirt from a pig pen good for garden?:

Hello Brenda    I live in Southern Michigan too, and yes zone 5 is correct.     As far a Pig poo goes, this poses a certain risk. Pig doo has been associated with E-Coli if not properly composted, meaning

2016-02-29 Earth machine:

Hello Ian    Grass clippings are Nitrogen, the Sod chunks are also Nitrogen. You would better serve yourself bagging up Fall Leaves, and mixing that in. Grass clippings need to be spread out, in a very

2015-10-13 Buried compost pit:

Hello Ian    I am sorry, I was away for a long time. Lets see if I can help here.      If you are not getting the Desired Decomposition, it is usually 2 things. Air or Water. Are you sensing any kind of

2015-05-15 Composting and no till gardening:

Hello again Elizabeth.    I am sort of Neutral on the no till method. If you have the means to raise the area to hold the 4-6", by all means do this. For a larger scale area, this is not practical.   

2015-05-14 Composting and no till gardening:

Hello Elizabeth    The no till requires you to have a Raised Bed, because the natural soil, should be 6-8" below the top, or no till Zone.     You will be using mostly finished Compost in the 6-8" on the


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