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Registered Forester in the Southern US with 30 years experiance in managing pines. Expert in pine forest health from management to control of pests to ID of species.

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2016-03-01 Leyland Cypress Tree Problems:

Yes it could be a problem with the roots, not too much with the foundation but the patio could be the problem. Leyland has the reputation of causing problems near walkways and patios. Cypress trees have


Conifers as a rule do not re-grow branches. Especially the lower ones that were shaded out, A picture of the tree would help with knowing what branches are involved.   You can get a soil testing kit at

2015-05-29 evergreens:

Once the canker has formed the copper does no good. It will prevent the spores from entering the foliage BUT with most fungicides you will need to spray as the new growth is budding out and at 10 day intervals

2015-05-28 Baby weeping spruce:

If the spruce had brown needles when you bought it these are probably what has fallen off. They were dead when you bought the plant. Conifers do not grow new needles back where they drop off. Any new growth

2015-05-10 Will these survive?:

Conifers unlike hardwood trees do not re foliate after the needles have be killed. Sorry the branches with foliage that is dead will lose the needles. Ones that are eaten and still have some green may


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