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Plant Diseases and Disorders of Lawn Grasses, Trees, Vegetables,and Ornamentals

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B.S. Botany --- Miss. State Univ. M.S. Plant Pathology --- Miss. State Univ. Ph.D. Plant Pathology --- Texas A & M Univ.

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Recent Answers from Dr Stephen Vann

2017-01-22 coco plums:

Hi Debbie:    Thanks for your question.  Can you send me a couple of photos of the affected plants? Try to include a closeup of a group of leaves with the representative spots that you are concerned about

2016-11-05 Are Plants Aware:

FOLLOWUP INFORMATION.    Brian:    Just saw this advertisement for a book that you may be interested in reading that relates to your previous question.  I plan to get it and check it out.  Cheers!    The

2016-10-14 Brown spot, scale, or something else?:

Sherry:    If these spots were scale insect,they should be raised somewhat and can be removed by gentle scraping them with your fingernail.    If the spots were fungal or bacterial in nature,they would

2016-08-18 Splitting Bark on ornamental Maple:

Robert:    Your photos represent damage done to the bark.  These splits may be mechanical or weather related. On thin barked trees such as many maples, frost/heat cracks can develope as a result of weather

2016-08-07 Firespike yellowing leaves and growth:

Hi Sherry!    Leaf yellowing/stunting is often associated with a root/soil related stress.  This could be several things including as you said fertility and/or moisture imbalances or even an infectious


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