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Plant Diseases and Disorders of Lawn Grasses, Trees, Vegetables,and Ornamentals

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Plant Diseases Identification and Management


B.S. Botany --- Miss. State Univ. M.S. Plant Pathology --- Miss. State Univ. Ph.D. Plant Pathology --- Texas A & M Univ.

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Recent Answers from Dr Stephen Vann

2017-02-27 wireworms:

Onwell:    Unfortunately, my background in insects is quite limited. Historically Sevin (carbaryl) has been used extensively on vegetables.  Check the label for the specifics. Also check in with your local

2017-01-25 greenhouse tomatoes:

Greg:    The symptoms that you describe could most likely be either an injury from contact from a toxic material OR a possible virus infection.  A representative symptomatic plant sample would have to

2017-01-23 coco plums:

Debbie:    I do not recognize a particular infectious disease from your photo.      Copper fungicides can be effective for many foliar diseases of ornamentals, but can also cause some injury if not mixed

2017-01-22 coco plums:

Hi Debbie:    Thanks for your question.  Can you send me a couple of photos of the affected plants? Try to include a closeup of a group of leaves with the representative spots that you are concerned about

2016-11-05 Are Plants Aware:

FOLLOWUP INFORMATION.    Brian:    Just saw this advertisement for a book that you may be interested in reading that relates to your previous question.  I plan to get it and check it out.  Cheers!    The


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