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kathy crowley


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Tropical plants in Florida, Bamboo, Vines, Fruit trees, Antique Roses, rare plants from around the world.

Experience in the area

Nursery business for 19 years


Bamboo Society, Rare Tree Society, Rare Fruit Tree Society, Passiflora Society


Florida Gardening Sarasota Magazine Bradenton Herald Tribune Sarasota Herald Tribune


Self taught, family history of nursery business

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

More ways to treat a plant organically from disease instead of poisons.

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2016-07-14 Citrus Trees:

Hi,  I had this problem with one of my citrus trees.  I loved the taste of the orange but the outside looked just like you picture.  One of the problems with citrus is if you put fertilizer on the ground

2016-06-26 brownish scurf on Queen Palm Trees spear:

Jay, Again, I do not handle palms at all, as stated I have my reasons.  I sell rare and unusual plants from around the world.  So I do not have to learn about palms, or do I care to.  Call an arborist

2016-06-25 brownish scurf on Queen Palm Trees spear:

Dear Jay,  So sorry you feel that way,  I answered the best I could with a product that gets rid of fungus, mold and bugs.  I am an organic nursery and that is what I use.  You can not please everyone

2016-05-13 Dwarf Meyer lemon and lime tree problem:

Hi Jim,  I had a customer call me and say the Neem she got somewhere else has a poison label on it and it did not look like the one she bought from me.  Sure enough it had poison in it that is how I found

2016-05-13 Dwarf Meyer lemon and lime tree problem:

Hi Jim,  Neem is not poison if it is organic, some companies add poison to Neem so read  the label.  You can keep a citrus outside till just above freezing. So about 34 bring them  in.  Do not wait quite


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