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I am knowledgeable and experienced (professionally) in the care of many different kinds of houseplants as well as the pests and diseases common to houseplants. I have had a lot of experience and success with most propagation techniques. I am also knowledgeable and experienced with artificial lighting for plants. I can answer questions about all aspects of 'indoor gardening'. Not only questions about growing foliage plants and starting seeds under artificial plant lighting but also questions about artificial plant light system set up, supplemental artificial lighting and cost. ~ I can help identify plants accurately ONLY if you submit a picture of the plant with your question.~

Experience in the area

I usually always have at least 70 houseplants at all times. I have done extensive research, education and have over 20 years of experience with houseplants, indoor gardening, interior landscaping and artificial plant lighting. About 30% of my houseplants are grown exclusively under artificial plant lighting. Many of the other houseplants that are growing in natural light are also given supplemental lighting using artificial plant light. I have 5 complete artificial plant light systems that I designed and built.


I have written extensively about plants, all aspects of houseplant care, indoor gardening and artificial plant lighting. I have written many informational blogs, articles and 'plant care guides' for many websites, forums and some online horticultural communities.


I have knowledge and experience on the care of houseplants, the different kinds of houseplants, pests and diseases common to houseplants, indoor gardening/landscaping and artificial plant lighting.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

The lives of plants are much more complex and sophisticated than most people know. Science is always discovering interesting things about their lives, like how they communicate not only with each other but also with other living creatures in their environment, such as insects.

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Recent Answers from Tracy

2015-04-23 indoor plant lifespan:

Hi James,      I am not really the best one to ask about flowering plants. One of the other experts, Darlene perhaps, could answer your question better than me.  Orchids are VERY hard to properly care

2014-08-10 Jade Plant:

Hi Charlene,     It sounds like your Jade plant has mealy bugs or, if the white stuff is web like, spider mites.     Mealybugs are soft-bodied, oval shaped, scale like insects with many legs. Mealybugs

2014-08-04 Bugs in house plants:

Hi Teresa,     The potato slice needs to be changed everyday.It often takes a while to make sure that all the larvae are gone so you need to keep putting a fresh slice of potato in the soil every day until

2014-07-24 plant identification:

Hi Roy,     The plant is a Glechoma Hederacea 'Variegata'. Commonly known as a variegated Creeping Charlie.  Creeping Charlie is a member of the mint family, which accounts for it's strong, minty fragrance

2014-03-20 spathiphyllum:

Hi Trisha,     Sorry for the delay in answering your question. I have been having computer problems.  The spath (flower) on a peace lily acts like a leaf. With enough sunlight the spath will turn green


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