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Any question regarding sprinking systems,installation,repair, and trouble shooting.

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I have been installing and repairing sprinkling systems since I was 15 years old. Have owned my own sprinkler system contracting business for over 26 years. It is basically the only job I've ever done, except for being a paper boy when I was young.


High School diploma and 3 years college credits.

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Recent Answers from Jim Schaefer

2017-02-12 Sprinkler valves at bottom of large hillside:

Hey Chris, it sure is, the Vacuum breaker should always be higher then the highest head. Just to give you a little advice, if you are converting your existing valves to drip, you probably want to put a

2016-10-23 Transformer blown, unable to find replacement:

Hey Venkatesh, a transformer will cost about $40 at an irrigation supply store. Do not use any other transformer, make sure you use the same one made for this controller. Since you are in California, look

2016-09-23 Hardie TC-12B:

Hey Chris, make sure that you only have one start time at 7 am set on the first start time. Check the second, third, fourth etc. start times and make sure they are set to "off". If you have a second, third

2016-09-17 Toro DDC-8 outdoor controller:

Hey Matthew, all I know about this controller, is that it is a battery operated controller, and the solenoids are different from a normal solenoid, in that the solenoid uses a latching solenoid so it will

2016-08-26 Hardy RJC 66:

Hey Bob, the only thing I can suggest, is to take the back up battery out if it has one, and turn the power off for about a minute, then with the battery still out, turn the power back on.  If this does


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