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I am a licensed Landscape Architect. I can answer general questions about style and design, give you ideas and suggestions for site amenities, help with larger site-planning issues, or perhaps give guidance for recreational amenities & park design. IF YOU ARE GOING TO ASK FOR A PLANT SUGGESTION GO HERE: I prefer you ask somebody else why your petunias are not as perky as they should be; I'd LOVE to tell you how those petunias can increase your home's value!

Experience in the area

20+ years of working with homeowners, contractors, developers and local civil engineering/architecture firms. I am located in the dry Great Basin area (Greater Nevada/Utah), so the use of landscape materials OTHER than plants is emphasized. As a licensed Landscape Architect I've worked on both the East and West Coasts.




BSLA in Landscape Architecture,Licensed in NV, CA, & VA - but can answer Q's across the country Many additional seminars, educational venues, and classes (both taught & attended)

Awards and Honors

Best Multifamily project, Reno/Sparks Builder's Association Best Model Home Landscaping, Reno/Sparks Builder's Association

What do you like about this subject?

There are few other home improvements that add value to a home so quickly (Money Magazine - 4/06).

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

To share this design knowledge with owners, developers, even renters - After all, aren't we all just "borrowing" our bit of land from the future? You're not taking it with you (Maybe you'll get a little 2 x 6 plot & handsome tombstone if you're lucky)

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Its the FIRST oldest profession, or so God told Adam. And he was just asked to take care of the place for a little while.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

I prefer "hardscape" over plants; without good structure, plants are just decoration. What makes a unique landscape is not just the horticulture the designer has chosen. Sadly, lots of "designers" start with their favorite group of plants, and put them in every design. You cannot hang "good art" without a "good gallery".

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2017-02-19 West Facing Patio shading options:

Hi Jennifer: Only 6 feet?  If it is an easement (storm water? Sewer? Access?), you shouldn't really be planting anything into it.  I would suggest perhaps a vertical shade or shade sail for instant relief

2016-07-30 pea gravel to mulch sedum ground creepers:

Sorry about the delay.  Forgot to turn on the vacation notification.  Yes, you can special order it in 1/2 cubic foot (30#) bags from Home Depot, if they don't carry the particular color you want.  Different

2016-07-03 Fire pit basin wearing through:

Hi Jean - I was thinking of various solutions, but as metal is a corrosive element, it will over time dissolve under heat and acids present is the ash of pinewood or briquettes.  When you say 'pit' it

2016-04-28 steep downward driveway:

I saw the pictures, and it is a pretty steep slope. Landscape Architectural guidelines are that a driveway should not exceed a 15% slope (6.5:1).  Anything above 6-7% and it is uncomfortable to open your

2016-04-27 steep downward driveway:

This is not a problem that is easily fixed, if you want to use a garage for your car(s).  There also may also be *no* solution. You have about three realistic options: re-orient how you access the garage


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