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I have been an avid gardener since 1985 and an AllExpert volunteer since 1998. I specialize in soil preparation, seed starting and plant propagation, flowers, vegetables, and general landscaping. I am a strong advocate of the square foot method of gardening and the use of organic controls for pests and diseases.

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Recent Answers from Mike Mascio

2015-05-24 Hostas; Pests:

Jessica, hostas are favorites of slugs, flea beetles, aphids, and whiteflies. Of these potential pests, the most likely culprits are slugs. Slugs are nocturnal and usually hide beneath the soil or mulch

2015-05-08 Fertilizing after Infestation:

You definitely want to continue the fertilization program to ensure optimum production.  The fertilizer can be applied in conjunction with the insecticide.    This fall, spray the trees with an oil-based

2015-05-07 Snails in my garden:

Linda, I have tried every control available over the years, including beer traps, diatomaceous earth, homemade traps, and copper. I must admit that I had moderate success with the beer, but it would evaporate

2014-07-18 Chipmunks:

Lynn, I have found planting garlic, marigolds, and aromatic herbs nearby usually deters most animals and insects, including chipmunks.     Another option is to spray the plants with garlic spray. This

2014-06-27 What is this bug:

Carlos, it looks like a stink bug, otherwise known as a squash bug.  They do try to get into homes, even up here in the midwest, once the weather starts getting warm.  If it is a stink bug, they are harmless


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