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Any question of building water body, water chemistry and maintaining it. filtration, UV, Ozone leakages etc

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Designing,building and maintaining waterbodies since 1993 website:- waterparks.in


H2O The water Specialist


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2014-08-01 cement pond sealants:

Sorry about the answer.  The pond water chemistry has to be maintained in order to prevent built up of Alkalinity in the pool.  The parameter if you observe will help you and as I cannot give the exact

2014-07-30 cement pond sealants:

All you want is a impervious liner.  It could be Epoxy or a PU based or FRP would do the job and would with stand the pressure you are speaking about.  The Alkalinity raises due chemistry of water not

2013-06-28 Foam in outdoor in-ground water feature with waterfall:

Sorry for delay.  But it a problem I have encountered once.  But by sealing the patch through which water from sewer was getting in. Also we could find the leaking sewage but it was a rare occurance of

2013-04-07 pond maintenance:

Any pond requires maintenance i.e.Filtration and disinfection. Pond is concrete and I assume it is not leaking. Option you can use a combo unit of filter and disinfectant submerged in water it would take

2012-08-09 Building a water feature:

The list of jugs 1 smallest, 2 smaller, 3 normal, 4 big.  Number 1 to be put at top base on firm base with a pipe insert.  Number 2 to be put below the number 1  Number 3 to be put below the number 2


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