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All questions related to pond, filtering, waterquality, Japanese koi, koi health. Also I can provide help with gardendesign and flowering.

Experience in the area

Chief editor (hobbyist) and founder of a Dutch free Pond&Koi e-magazine. www.koimaster.be (my website)


www.vijversenkoi.be/emagazine.php www.kwbrauw.be www.koimaster.be


Onderox magazine


Former student of a gardening school and specialised in Flowerdesign. Former student of Artschool, specialised in publicity art.

What do you like about this subject?

Ponds and Gardens are the ideal way to enjoy your life, enjoy family and friends, enjoy spiritual times. When surrounded by green and water your in heaven...

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to help others to enjoy gardens and ponds like I enjoy them. Hopefully I can also let them feel the joy of a pond!

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

When you are digging a pond, your to late with ideas for it!

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Miriam04/20/1510Thank you for the help. My goldfish .....
patrick11/17/14101010Thanks Raf that is what I normally .....
tina07/09/14101010Raf was SUPER sweet, knowledgeable and wonderful .....
MELANIE02/10/14101010Thank you for confirming the questions I .....

Recent Answers from Raf

2015-04-20 Re: Goldfish:

Hi Miriam,    Best is to leave the fish and not to disturb the water.  The fish is now hiding because of the new enviroment and the stress.  Normally he/she will show herself again soon (few days maybe)

2015-04-20 Re: Goldfish:

Hi Miriam,    Sorry, my mistake.  If the fish would die you need to know what desease it was before you can safely add new fish as some parasites / deseases could live for a long time without a host (fish)

2015-04-19 Goldfish:

Hi Miriam,    Adding a fish from a tank with manny dead and/or sick fish in to the pond is a verry big risk.  A potentially healthy looking fish can have the desease and it can create an outbreak in the

2015-04-17 Koi care questions:

Hi Miriam,    Thank you for contacting me.  Let me try to help.    I have a smallish pond, (sorry I don't know exactly how big it is, but it was built for koi by someone a while ago so I know it's big

2015-03-26 pond:

Dear Bridget,    Thank you for your question.  Personal advise would be to use a liner as concrete tends to contain products that can/would kill the fish.  If concrete is used, in most cases you still


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