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I have been an avid gardener since 1985 and an AllExpert volunteer since 1998. I specialize in soil preparation, seed starting and plant propagation, flowers, vegetables, and general landscaping. I am a strong advocate of the square foot method of gardening and the use of organic controls for pests and diseases.

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2015-07-18 Split Leaf Philodendron:

Maralle, the symptoms you've described do indicate overwatering.  I assume the container you used had a drainage hole in the bottom.  I also recommend elevating the container with either 1X2s or bricks

2015-04-24 Propagating /Growing Cypress Trees:

Skot, I would offer one word of caution about propagating from seed. Seeds grown from your own plants will not necessarily inherit the same traits as the parent plant. The majority of plants sold today

2014-10-07 Emerald Cedar Tree Cuttings:

Patricia, cuttings are without a doubt the easiest method to propagate an existing plant.    Simply cut a tender shoot that is at least six inches long. Remove the lower sets of leaves. Dip the cutting

2014-05-11 Blueberry cuttings:

Cloyd, I prefer to use a good potting soil with water-retention capability. Miracle-gro makes an excellent product, which also includes a slow-release fertilizer.  You can start the cuttings in 6" pots

2014-04-11 Flowering Red Currant:

Judy, the process is actually very easy. Simply prune off a 6-8 inch supple shoot. Remove all of the leaves with the exception of the top set. Dip the cutting in a rooting compound (this product is readily


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