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I have been an avid gardener since 1985 and an AllExpert volunteer since 1998. I specialize in soil preparation, seed starting and plant propagation, flowers, vegetables, and general landscaping. I am a strong advocate of the square foot method of gardening and the use of organic controls for pests and diseases.

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2014-06-25 How much soil should I buy for my raised beds?:

Based on the dimensions you've provided, you will need to purchase 9 cubic feet of soil. The formula is 60" X 36" X 7.25" / 1728. The 1728 represent the number of inches in one cubic foot.    I hope this

2012-06-16 Romaine Lettuce Pest and Peppers:

Brent, be patient with the peppers. They always seem to be the last plants in my garden to get a growth spurt. They definitely like warm weather and don't need a lot of water. Here in the midwest, they

2012-02-13 Raised bed gardening:

Betty, initially, compost is all you need to provide nutrients to the young seedlings. About one month after they are established, you can then add the slow release fertilizer to give the plants a boost

2011-06-12 Square foot garden; White Fungus:

Josh, it looks like a fungus is forming on the surface of the soil. It's most likely caused by the water from the soaker hose in combination with the hot weather conditions. Although it probably will not

2011-04-29 Square foot garden & Roundup:

Dick, I would not recommend it. It takes at least 30 days for the residuals from roundup to dissipate. Planting vegetables right away would not be safe.    A better solution is to mow the area as low as


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