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Any question on natural pest and disease control, composting, cultural .

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Operated my own business since 1972. Over 20 gardening books, Organic gardening radio shows and more. See my website for more! I am currently already an expert for you re roses.


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Taught at several schools U of Fla U of Miami U of Texas

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2014-08-09 cantaloupe leaves eaten:

Hi  There are many things you can do or should have done    1. Variety makes a dif. Some variety will do better then others. Some won't even get a single bite. Don't buy from local nursery but order heirloom

2014-07-22 potted pepper plants:

Hi  The brown spots are related to a disease  could be any variety of disease  The cause is lack of certain type of soil bacteria due to over watering.  You should make sure that the soil is allowed to


Hi  They normally will not bother your plants and most will disappear when you work the soil. Once you work the garden there will be less and less. You can place coffee grins around base of plants to keep

2014-06-04 Potatoes:

Good question  First since there are dif types of potatoes,  You should know what size they are we'll matured. That helps  Also you can try one, cook it and see for yourself  A good way too is that the

2013-07-08 blossums:

Main Problem is High Nitrogen fertilizer    try using a good organic  vegetable fertilizer with trace minerals,  spray the plant with a liquid seaweed  have you applied compost?  rock dust?    plant needs


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