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I can answer questions about natural gardening. We refer to our type of gardening as Orthodox organic. We do not use chemicals of any kind for pest control or plant growth. I can offer information regarding the growth of herbs and spices, as well. I can also share some canning and freezing tips for enjoying home grown vegetables year round. Growing vegetables provides healthy benefits for the body and the mind.

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We live on what I believe is now termed a hobby farm. We are Messianic missionaries and raise all of our own vegetables, and some fruit. The change in the grocery budget is absolutely amazing.


Last Days Survival Handbook, Simply Abundant

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Raymond10/08/16101010A good respond and good timing.
Raymond09/16/16101010the response was quick and understandable, thanks!
Christine08/17/15101010Thanks,for the reply
Tina08/17/15101010Thanks for your helpful reply; also like .....
Choo02/18/14101010Ok, thanks.

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2015-08-15 Tomatoes:

Dear Tina,    As a rule, container plants don't produce as abundantly as those planted in soil, but it sounds like you are doing pretty well.  Between the two rounds of harvest, about 18 tomatoes per plant

2015-08-15 Blossom end rot:

Dear Christine,    I have a couple of ideas to offer.  First, simply find some liquid calcium, even at the pharmacy and pour it on the soil.  I'd recommend 50/50, perhaps even a 1/4 ratio dilution for

2014-02-13 Broccoli water-repellant:

Dear Choo,    The way broccoli is created and grows, it has a natural way to cause water to bead up on the florets and drip through the plant, gradually.  I can't offer much in regard to chemicals, because

2013-07-13 deal pickels:

Dear Joe,  This is how I make Dill Pickles.    5 lb. Cucumbers cut into Slices or Spears  2 Gal Water          2 C Lime    Soak cucumbers in lime water for 24

2013-06-25 Garden won't produce:

Dear Deanna,  This year, my garden is not producing, nearly as rapidly as it usually does, due to the late cold snap.  Most of the foliage is lush and I do plant heirloom.  My green beans are just now


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