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i know a lot about vines as i have lived in a a large metropolitan where space was a premium and vines were a great solution. I also to smaller and much colder city with my vines intact.

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I have been gardening with vine for over 20 years. I currently have kiwi, clematis, ivy plus many other annual vines. I live in Canada and winter in Mexico.


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BA including basic biology course. Self educated in botany via a large book collection

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2014-08-14 Bougainvillea:

I think the soil is the problem. Here is a very good article about soil in your area. I would suggest that if nothing is working after you try some of the tips here that you get in touch with this author

2014-08-14 Bougainvillea:

You don't mention where you are located which could be important.     Generally bougainvillea should not need constant watering, however, they do like a loamy-type soil, not sandy. Could your soil be

2013-06-09 Black-eyed susan vine dropping healthy flowers:

Hi Eva     This could be a number  of things:    First and the most obvious - insects- aphids, whiteflies or mites. Spray the plant well, especially undersides of leaves etc with soapy water (dishsoap)

2012-09-20 Re: planting now in Vegas:

FOR peas i would suggest green and pod. If you have clay soil you will certainly have to amend it with good soil....get soil for growing vegetables or just triple mix soil.  With clay you will have to


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