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PLEASE LIMIT QUESTIONS TO AFRICAN VIOLETS. I will accept any question or problem relating to African Violets and their care. If I do not know the answer, I will research it for you. PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS FROM FRIDAY NIGHT THROUGH SAT NIGHT AS THIS IS THE JEWISH SABBATH.

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I learned about African Violets at the knee of my grandmother, who was born in 1895. I have been raising violets for nearly 30 years, and have helped friends and relatives with growing as well


At the knee of my grandmother.

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Recent Answers from Patricia

2016-03-31 shriveled small leaves and TONS of blooms:

Jan.  I don't like to see people trash their plants as long as they are green and growing. If you could send me a photo that would be of great help. However, why don't you just keep the plant watered properly

2015-06-21 Dolphin plant:

I don't handle other plants, just African violets. However I found this info that might help:  Your plant is more commonly known as a GOLDFISH PLANT. The latin name is Columnea gloriosa and microphylla

2015-05-20 Wilting african violets:

Pat,  is it at all possible that you might have a disease or a fungal infection in your plants? The fact that is affecting all of your plants makes me suspect that. unfortunately, if it truly is a fungal

2015-05-07 sick african violet:

Beth, I had asked if you could send me a photo, and perhaps you could not I will just take a guess and ask if maybe your plants are getting too much sunlight? That can cause some of the lower leaves to

2015-03-29 African violets:

Barbara, now that it is spring you might begin feeding your violets a good quality African violet food. Peter's special is a good brand as is Ultimara. But I always suggest that you use half strength


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