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I can answer questions regarding the preparation of seafood as well as most general culinary questions.

Experience in the area

I've been in the seafood retail and restaurant trade for 38 years. I owned my own restaurant for 22 years (150 seats, 2 locations) as well as a catering operation.


Past member of American Culinary Federation


Seafood Leader Magazine


Johnson & Wales University, N. Miami, Florida, Associates in Science, Culinary Arts.

Awards and Honors

Previously Certified Executive Chef (expired), ACF Competition Medalist

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James12/16/15101010Didn't quite answer my question but good .....

Recent Answers from Chris A. DiNunno

2016-09-25 Skin versus scales:

Hi James - I like the idea of doing it without the foil.  It may crisp up a little more.  Just check the fillets for doneness.  I like my salmon a little underdone, just past medium rare, but before medium

2016-09-24 Skin versus scales:

Hi James - some fish are de-scaled and some are not, depending on the type of fish. Usually the determining factor is whether or not the scales are easily edible and digestible. Salmon are usually not

2016-02-25 Salmon:

Yes, that is typical.  Most marinated seafood only requires 2 hours for the maximum flavor to develop, chicken and beef take much longer for the marinade to penetrate.    Unless you want to use a bottled

2016-02-21 Salmon:

Broiling is direct heat source, usually flame or infrared, from above.  In grilling the heat source is below and in baking or roasting, the heat source is radiant or all around.  Most of the time when

2016-02-20 Salmon:

Hi James.  Salmon can be prepared just about any way including baked, broiled, blackened, poached, grilled, steamed and I've even seen it fried and of course raw.  We serve baked salmon at our restaurant


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