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My cooking style leans towards Mediterranean, with an emphasis on gourmet, party fare, and vegetarian cuisine. I am a food journalist, Iíve written and edited several cookbooks, and I develop and teach cooking classes.

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I have developed recipes for specialty food manufacturers, conducted many seminars on cooking and ethnic foods, and have taught customized cooking classes. I have also owned a gift shop, a floral design business, and a catering business. Iím the author of Con Amore, a contemporary novel about food, love, and life Ė Italian style. It includes a brief history of Italy, the foods of each region, and a variety of recipes Ė many that are vegetarian or easily adaptable to the vegetarian diet. I am the author of Herbed-Wine Cuisine and several other books on a variety of topics. I publish a quarterly e-newsletter, Simply Elegant, which provides information on food, decorating, and entertaining. I also publish a monthly e-newsletter, Tutto Italiano, about everything Italian. Visit my Web site,, to learn more.

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James04/23/12101010Good stuff, although a fairly delayed response .....

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2015-10-25 Frying with olive oil:

Jerome,    Generally, there isnít a set time for cooking vegetables in any type of oil. You will usually see time ranges because it depends on the temperature of the oil, the type and cut of the vegetable

2013-02-13 Questions on making tempeh:

Anne,    I have not made tempeh at home. I can only suggest that you make it from canned soybeans and do not dehull, and determine if you like the results. If not, you can make it from dried soybeans and

2012-04-20 Steaming:

James,    You can add the seasonings to the vegetables. In the time they cook, the steam will release the flavor of the seasonings. If you don't want seasonings on the vegetables, sprigs of herbs and large

2012-04-19 Steaming:

James,    Flavoring depends on your preferences. If you like garlic, add a clove or two - either crushed, chopped, or sliced. The smaller the pieces, the stronger the flavor. Or try shallots or scallions

2012-04-09 Cholesterol level:

Hello Nandeesh,    Here are some links to tables that should be useful.    Fat Comparison Chart (Scroll Down)    Cholesterol in Oils,


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