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I love to cook and collect recipes. I'm not a chef but the things I prepare are big hits at pot lucks - and everyone signs me up for their favorites before I get a chance to decide what I want to bring. I'm not a vegetarian - and I enjoy cooking foods from around the world. My least favorite regional food is the food of Japan - but I have picked up some great recipes while living in Asia. Cooking is my hobby and a great way to get rid of stress for me.

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I have lived in Libya, Morocco, Chad, Japan, Indonesia and Niger. I have learned to cook foods of the Middle East and India as my favorites. Friends from around the world share recipes with me so I'm not limited to recipes from my 'homes' worldwide.

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2013-01-09 rhubarb:

Wikipedia says:    "Rhubarb is now grown in many areas and, thanks to greenhouse production, is available throughout much of the year. Rhubarb grown in hothouses (heated greenhouses) is called hothouse

2013-01-09 rhubarb:

Hi, Susan,    I have no idea what a 'cusine' is, but Rhubarb is a the picture below - it looks sort of like red celery.  The leaves are toxic, so do not cook or eat them, but the stems are wonderful.

2012-01-27 burritos:

My favorites are hot salsa and sour cream.  But, I've been known to cover them with hot enchilada sauce (can you figure out I like spicy food).  I'm sure, though, if you do a search on Google for serving

2011-03-30 cooking quinoa:

Hi, Carol,    I suspect that you used a bit too much water or that you didn't let it sit and absorb the last of it before getting ready to serve - or you let it sit too long and it congealed.  It's important

2009-03-04 A new diet plan:

Julian,    Proteins are the 'brain food'.  It sounds like you are also eating fish - which is brain food.  Are you getting enough sleep?  Are you getting too much caffeine?  Those things are certainly


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