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I can answer almost any question asked of me as I have a vast knowledge of all food including my field of vegetarian cuisine. I have been a vegetarian my entire life and opened a vegetarian restaurant when I moved to Atlanta 18 years ago. I now run a personal chef business in Atlanta and all of my customers love my food. I also work on which is the culinary hotline for food questions. I spend most of my week answering questions from thousands of people about all types of food.

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I have an Occupational Science Degree in the field of Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. I graduated in 1985. Since then I have been working and teaching people about food. I teach mostly vegetarian cooking classes however I use my food knowledge to help anyone I can.


President of my Temple Volunteer at PADV, Partnership against domestic violence, help women learn how to cook


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2016-10-18 Veggie bread?:    Hello,  These are great.  Using no sugar and only coconut flour.  If you look up Paleo baked goods there are many others recipes that look just great.  

2016-10-18 Veggie bread?:

Go to your local nature food store and see if you can find a bread that she's not contain rice.  I'm sure there are some gluten free made from other grains.  If not then ruin a search online. Gluten free

2016-01-06 Vegetarian Dish for a Buffet:

Of course I am a vegetarian chef and most of the things I would suggest would be without eggs or dairy.  I think a very nice pasta dish if you can use cheese would be very nice.  Some things that are easy

2016-01-05 Vegetarian Dish for a Buffet:

It's this a casual party or a wedding

2015-10-25 Frying with olive oil:

I like my veggies crisp so I would do them for a short time.  You can blanch them first is boiling water them take them and place inn ice bath.  Them dry well and later with a small amount of oil you can


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