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GREEK AND AMERICAN COOKING AND BAKING Questions about Greek or American cooking. I have been cooking for 32 years. I worked and own Greek and American restaurants. Ask about meat, fish, vegetables, chicken, turkey... anything you like. cakes, and pies

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I own, manage, and work at Greek and American restaurants:
Little Athens (Philadelphia, PA)
St. George (Philadelphia, PA)
Star Diner (2 locations in NJ) pt's pub and grill philadelphia pa delsea diner nj delsea waffle house nj


Culinary School of Athens, Greece dccc pastry

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I love cooking!and baking

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I was the chef interviewed by TV chanels 3, 6, and 10 on Thanksgiving Day, philadelphia pa

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2010-03-17 Need for greek food:

hi there  you can serve chicken oreganato that's roast chicken with oregano and lemon sauce or you can do a greek chopped steak and that's all beef like big hamburgers or you can do any kind of seafood

2006-04-19 Greek Chicken and Lamb:

hi audrey # 1 lamb has to cook longer rise make sure you put 3 2/1/2 parts of water 1 part of rice  # 2 kappa ma is made oiut of beef shunks after you sauteed the onions put the tomato prodact or you can

2005-07-09 Greek Gyro:

hello troy  to make gyro is 40% lamp 40% pork and 20% beef  oregano,paprica,salt,pepper and some bread cramps all graund  and put in a plastic backet with a pipe in the midle freeze for a day and then

2002-02-18 recipe for spanakopita:

Hi Diane    spinach pie        1 pan 9x9          3 tablespoons olive oil   1 large onion, chopped   1 bunch green onions, chopped   2 cloves garlic, minced   2 pounds spinach, rinsed and chopped   1/2

2001-09-15 Yogurt:

bring milk to boil and let it cool of when yur finger can take the heat counding to 10 mix a small plain yogourt in there let it stay in worm place like the oven over nite with only the pilot on   next


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