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I am a long-time fan of Indian cooking. I specialize in curries and presentation. I can help beginners with knowledge of spices, methods and menu planning.

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I am self-taught and have traveled to India twice to learn more about local cuisines and methods.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Toss your stale curry powder into the bin!

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Marsha02/18/17101010thank tou
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Geraldine07/19/13101010Great expert. Highly recommended. Thank you.
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2014-05-14 rice cooking:

Hi Syed,  Cooking rice perfectly is not easy and takes practice.  The most important step is that she will need to rinse the rice many times before cooking.  This will remove the starch, which is what

2013-10-18 what is this dish?:

Hi Gita,  I'm not familiar with the dish as Indian cuisine seldom uses sugar in main dishes, but I did come across a Bengali dish which might be similar:

2013-07-17 Reheating Curries:

As long as the turnover of the food is high and it has been cooked properly in the first place, reheating to the boiling point is not necessary and will also toughen the meat.  Meat is probably one of

2013-07-14 Reheating Curries:

Geraldine - I personally think it is very safe to eat from the street stalls as it is normally very fresh.  If you want to have it heated more thoroughly, just ask the vendor to do so. Even with a young

2013-03-07 Bahrain cuisine (chickpeas):

Hello Cushla,    Because I don't know exactly which snack you ate, I'm not sure of the recipe.  Here is a link to a variety of chickpea snacks, and you can also google 'chaat' for great snack variations


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