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I am an accomplished cook and Indian cooking is my speciality.


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Due to the near-infinite galaxy of Indian spices, boring repetitious dining is never a problem. This is especially crucial when one needs to follow a diet to lose weight. This is how I became fascinated with this particular cuisine.

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2015-05-09 boiled rice vs par boiled rice:

Par-Boiled Rice is sometimes called Converted Rice in the West.    It is popular in the SOUTHERN part of India and in the U.S.A.    I cannot account for what is called what and by whom, but     Asians

2013-10-18 what is this recipe?:

This is precisely how "brown stewed chicken" and "Ox Tail Stew" is served in Jamaica and on most Caribbean Islands.    The beginning of the recipe always starts out with caramelized sugar - resulting in

2011-09-26 smell of indian food:

Northern Indian dishes tend to use much more TURMERIC, which acts as a yellow dye.    Incidentally, TURMERIC appears, according to recent research, to offer us protection against developing Alzheimers

2011-09-25 smell of indian food:

The scents of Indian cooking are a product of the spices employed.    Those who were not introduced to those fragrant aromas early in life    may not enjoy the experience, to understate the case.    All

2011-06-07 Soya beans in Indian cooking:

Beans never taste "bitter" or "very strong"  Fruits and vegetables can be "bitter".  Beans cannot taste "bitter" or "very strong"    You said " Someone told me that soya beans "    This is insufficient


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