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Anything related to authentic NORTHERN Italian recipes. I do not do research, homeworks questions and I do not send postcards around the world. Thank you.

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I am ITALIAN. I was born and still live around Milan.



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darlene09/06/12101010Thank you so much. I shall try .....
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Kaleb11/27/11101010Detailed response. Thanks!
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2014-02-05 Italian food:

Hello Chris,    thank you for writing.  I think you are talking of something called "brioche" that is a French type of bread.  Here in Italy we do have brioche for breakfast (we buy them at the bakeries/bars

2014-02-03 Spaghetti and mainara sauces:

Hello John,    I must tell you that in Italy we do not have anything called "marinara sauce". When in California and saw those jars by Barilla(an Italian brand) saying "marinara" I was wondering what it

2012-09-05 marinara sauce:

Hello Darlene,  when I use fresh tomatoes to make tomato sauce I do as follow:  I boil the tomatoes until their skin doesn't peel off easily.  Then, I only use the pulp (I squeeze the water out#.  After

2012-03-05 Italian cuisine questions:

Hello Lydia,    I think the main thing about italian food is about using fresh ingredients and yes, recipes date back and are transitted from parents to children and so on.  There are many types of different

2011-12-15 italian fried ravioli cookie:

Hello Pat,  I would like to answer your question but I have never heard of fried ravioli cookie.   When I first read that I thought it was some chinese stuff. :)  Can you please tell me how you fill these


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