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Southern Breads, casseroles, pot luck suppers, barbeques, sunday-go-to-meeting dishes, oddities such as fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, collard greens, and wild game, preparing and preserving fruits, meats and vegetables. Sweet stuff like pecan pie, apple stack cake and fritters. If you want to cook it, I probly have, plan to, or will research how to do it. I have never cooked possum nor do I plan to, but if that is your quest, I can get ya the recipe. By the way, grits are wonderful.

Experience in the area

Born and raised in Alabama and Tennessee with a long line of good cooks who have kept notes and passed them on. I have recipes handed down for 4 generations which I use daily.


No organizations, but people always call me to cook something for the event or be in charge of it.


None to speak of.


No Formal Cooking school from any culinary institute. Generations of cooking in the south, lots of get-togethers, parties, fish fries, church meetings, funerals, hospitalities, you name it.

Awards and Honors

None of them either. Except for people slapping me on the back and telling me that was the best (whatever) they have ever eaten.

Past/Present Clients

Family, friends and aquaintances.

What do you like about this subject?

I have lived all over the country, and when I am out of the south, I miss the cooking. Its not always the healthiest, but its the best. Mega comfort food and very grass root Americana.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope someday soon to compile a successful cook book on recipes I have created and collected over the years. As far as learning, there are so many things in the wild, such as species of wild mushrooms and berries here that are not only edible but considered a delicacy. I would like to learn to identify and cook them. (You have to be careful!!)

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Wild game, if prepared correctly is not only free of chemicals and preservatives, but it is delicious. It is the original "cage free" or "free range" meat. I do not believe in "trophy hunting." If you kill it, you better eat it. There is an art to preparing and cooking any kind of wild game, and the rewards are great.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Other than the hunting issue? Hmm... The general conception about Southern food is that it is unhealthy, fattening and greasy. That may true depending on what it it, but I do substitute healthy ingredients when I can, such as olive oil and skim milk. Also, many ingredients come fresh from the garden (if your lucky) so that's the healthiest of all.

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What I do is buy the bags of dried lima beans and cover them with water and soak overnight. Add some salt but not too much maybe 1tbs. per bag. U want to be able to taste a slight saltiness to the water

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I am so sorry I am late getting back to you....I have had  a lot going on.    Shawnee cornmeal....I have never used it, but have heard of it. I prefer White Lilly but hey, any cornmeal will work.    Hushpuppies


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