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Spanish/Cuban cooking. I am a former restaurant owner and I studied 2 years at Le Cordon Bleu in Tokyo. I started cooking for my family at age 10, so I have 30 years of experience in the kitchen.

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2016-07-07 Flatbread:

Nothing made at Taco Bell is authentic Mexican anything, but it's still cheap and tasty just the same!     What they have is a custom made product that is manufactured to TB's specs in commissaries all

2014-10-09 Avocado:

There is an easier way.  Wait until the avocado is RIPE and it will be soft and taste a LOT better! You can tell when an avocado is ripe because it will be soft and start to pull away from the skin. A

2012-01-31 paella:

You are correct, risotto does not need to be covered as it's basically a savory rice pudding. However, the celebrity chefs assume (apparently incorrectly) that people who are advanced enough cooks to buy

2012-01-31 paella:

Rice must be cooked COVERED. If you cook it uncovered,the water boils away too quickly and is not absorbed into the rice. Follow the directions but cover the pan and reduce the heat and cook for 15-20

2009-12-02 Experience as a chef:

It's very very hard work for minimum wage and unless you are VERY VERY good, you will be spending your "career" in a 120 degree kitchen on your feet for $8 an hour. Go to college and get a real career--don't


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