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I can answer most questions on Raw Animal and Vegetable Food Diets such as the Primal Diet, an organic, raw-meat-based diet and a number of similiar all-raw or partially raw Paleolithic diets, such as the Instincto, Weston-Price, Neanderthin, Paleo and Stefansson Diets. Can also offer advice on how to resist social pressure to eat cooked foods etc. For further info on Raw-Animal-Food diets, it's a good idea to browse through GoodSamaritan's website, , and also to join the following two forums and read their message-archives :- and

Experience in the area

I have been 10 years on a 99%+ raw version of the Palaeolithic Diet and experienced numerous health benefits as a result, being fully recovered from my previous symptoms from my cooked-food days. My own individualised raw, paleolithic diet routine is mostly based on Aajonus Vonderplanitz's Primal Diet(ie 99% raw, usage of "high-meat",no processed supplements, using primarily naturally-reared, organic or wild sources of raw foods) but, for personal reasons, I have also been, to some extent, influenced by ideas from:- Instincto(ie:- taste/instinct,no raw dairy/no raw veggie juice), Weston-Price(eg: preferring grassfed meat to grainfed meat, incorporating a wide variety of raw organ-meats into my diet along with the usual muscle-meats, and Vilhjalmur Stefansson(high-fat diet, pretty high proportion of (raw) animal food), but also eating some raw carbohydrates such as raw organic/wild fruit/veg/honeycomb etc.). I'm also a firm believer in the feast-and-famine idea (ie Intermittent Fasting) as regards boosting one's energy levels, and giving my body a rest from constant digestion.


Rawpaleodiet Community(Comprising rawpaleoforum , rawpaleodiet yahoo group and the website among others).


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No nutritional qualification(I don't believe in standard(misguided) nutritionist doctrine, so I don't feel the need). I simply rely on mine and many others' long-term experiences of raw, palaeolithic diets and I've read most of the books that are vaguely relevant to a raw-meat diet.

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What do you like about this subject?

I like the concept behind (raw) food being your medicine, as I used to waste vast sums on herbal, vitamin and mineral products,and this raw-meat diet helps me by saving money and improving my health.I also like the huge variety available on this diet. For example, I eat:- wild boar meat,innards,sea-urchin eggs,horsemeat,swordfish,goat etc. etc.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I've learnt almost everything I need now re diet for my own health, anyway, though there are always new tdibits here and there, which pop up from time to time. There's still a lot of scientific research that needs to be done into raw diets, and I'm hoping eventually to adopt other palaeo habits other than diet.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

I own a Yahoo Group for Rawpalaeodieters.To join go to the webpage: Or just click on the box below

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Something controversial or provocative about this subject

This diet is the most controversial diet ever invented.People all over the world have eaten raw-meat dishes such as sashimi, beef carpaccio, steak tartare etc. etc., and suffered no health problems as a result.Yet all the Health Authorities have consistently been trying to enforce regulations on the sale of raw-meat, (such as irradiation laws), despite this obvious fact.

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2016-10-20 cleansing:

Hi,    Some people cite healthy raw animal fats in general as being detoxifying. Colon-cleansing enemas and using fibre etc. to cleanse out the bowels is only useful if one is eating a toxin-filled cooked

2016-09-18 Dehydrating Ground Beef:

Hi,    Well I already answered some of this on rawpaleoforum in my other guise as TylerDurden. Heating at 104 degrees Fahrenheit/40 degrees Celsius would be better. Long-term RVAFers are happy to eat raw

2015-08-11 pain in shoulder:

It is normal for people on raw diets to experience mild to moderate symptoms of detox. These usually involve things like mild flu-like symptoms like a hot foreheas or tiredness. I suspect that is all you

2015-08-01 cartilage in raw meat:

I do not consider bone-stock to be necessary as anything one needs from an animal can be gotten in raw form. Anything that has to be cooked beforehand should be thrown away without worrying.  I and many

2015-08-01 cartilage in raw meat:

I can safely state that the cartilage does get digested as well. No specific study that I can cite, though, just past experience! Not everything gets digested all the time by everybody, though. In my


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