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Awdhesh K Singh


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I can help the people to understand the fundamental principles for body weight based on the Indian Philosophy which has given Yoga to this world. These principles are time-tested and appplied by many since thousands of years. It provides the most natural way for maintaining the right weight.

Experience in the area

I have set up a Aatmic Science (Science of Soul) Foundation which maintains Aatmic Science Forum ( ). I have published many articles on this website which has since been viewed and appreciated by thousands of people. The latest article on this category is "Change your Nature to Change your Weight".


M.Tech in Engineering PhD in the area of Articficial Intelligence is in the process of review.

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Joanna11/20/10101010Thank you so much for answering my .....
Vishu09/22/08101010thankyou so much.i'll do as per .....

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2010-11-19 inquiry about your website:

Dear Joanna,  Thanks a lot for liking my website. Please visit which is the new website of the organization and updated regularly.    I wish to clarify you that there is no limitation

2009-06-02 tips to control sweets:

All our actions are due to our nature. Your desire to sweet is due to your lack of control of your senses. You seems to take the pleasant things first and avoid the unpleasant things or decisions in life

2009-02-28 Weight Gain:

The key to weight is your nature. The metabilism rate is merely and explanation for low body weight. You may be aware the Indian Scriptures describe the nature of man as Satvik(Nature of Truth), Rajsik

2008-12-12 constantly fatigued:

It seems that you have lost motivation in your life. The feeling of boredom seeps in the life of a person, when he finds no worthwhile things to do.     The motivation comes from love and goal. We all

2008-03-27 Light eater:

Dear Carl,  I believe based on Ancient philosophies of East that the nature of the person is the cause and the effect of the weight of the person. I do not advice anyone to starve himself as the body weight


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