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Free Dealer trained advice. Dealer trained 15 years Now owner of KEVIN'S MOBILE REPAIR in Atlanta GA I have a mobile Chrysler,Dodge and Jeep repair service in ATLANTA area Email me with Work requests Web page WWW.KEVINSMOBILEREPAIR.COM Master AC Master Drive ability Master Electrical Master Brakes Chrysler,Dodge,Jeep Tech for 14 Plus years Questions 96 and up only. Please don't ask about a noise,a fluid leak or how much something is to fix thanks.

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15 years working at a Chrysler Dodge and Jeep dealer 20 Years over all experience ACE cert Master AC Master Driveability Master Electrical


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15 years working at a Chrysler Dodge and Jeep dealer 2 year associates degree for Chrysler CAP

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2014-01-14 2005 Chrysler 300 problem:

That is correct info  the bolts are called torque to yield bolts  Which means they will need to be turned the 1/4 turn. Advise not using the torque wrench for this step uses a breaker bar and a socket

2014-01-04 P code 1389:

mmm ID say the remain PCM installed is the issue  for 2 things  one it was not an issue before hand  and the ASD powers up a bunch of thing on that circuit  not just the pcm itself.  so Id say the PCM

2014-01-04 P code 1389:

what was the pcm replaced for in the first place?


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