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I will answer any question that you could think of to the best of my knowledge. Gossip is a contagious thing in Hollywood but I will personally divide the believable from the unbelievable. Trust me with your Hollywood rumors

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I have been a movie buff for the last 20 years of my life and I continue my trend of loving movies and everything to do with them. I'm already a volunteer in action and adventure and would like to prove not only to all experts that I can handle two positions but to you the reader that I can answer anything you need to know about

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2008-01-29 Multiple Marriages:

Here is a list of famous people who hold alot of marriages:    (The Numbers represent how many times they were married)    Glynn Wolfe 29 He holds the record for serial marriages. His final marriage was

2007-02-07 sahara sequel:

From all the rumors around Hollywood, you never know which one to trust until the Studio makes a firm announcement. At the moment it seems that there will be a sequel to Sahara. As to when it will be released

2006-01-31 tWO PART ?:

Pretty much if the people, that is the Production company or distrubutor says it wont be released anytime soon then it pretty much wont be anywhere on the internet. However If u explain its for educational

2006-01-03 Dallas the Movie:

There is a Dallas movie in the works that may or may not be released in 2006. It is in the preliminary stages which means that not much is set in stone yet.    There is a Wonder Woman movie in the works

2004-11-15 upcoming movie's:

From what I know Scream 4 is a rumour and nothing more. Although there has been alot of talk about it. I only see it as a rumoured flick and nothing more.    Halloween 9 is a flick that will happen as


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