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I`ve been restoring G-Body Oldsmobiles and Pontiac`s(1983-1987) for a number of years now . I have a ton of information related to people trying to restore these soon to be classics .


(OCA) Oldsmobile Club of America

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Robert Angus11/10/16101010Thank you for your help and time .....
Karl 01/16/15101010 
Karl 01/10/151010Really helps to have someone to bounce .....
Stacy11/03/14101010Thank you so much for the quick .....

Recent Answers from Ed McKenna

2016-11-09 Setting my car clock:

Robert,     Many apologies. I misread the year as "1996". Please try these instructions and let me know if you're successful. Thanks.       CLOCK     Systems With "SET" Button     To change the time, first

2016-11-08 Setting my car clock:

Hi Robert. You didn't mention if this was a stock or aftermarket radio but I'm assuming that the OEM clock and the radio are integrated. Per the Manual "Press and hold the HR button until the correct hour

2015-07-25 1978 Regal:

Jim,     Good afternoon. My apologies for the late response. From what I've read online the manual recommended a minimum of 87 Octane. Inherit benefits of using mid grade, premium octanes or additives

2015-02-06 Vinyl top moldings:

Carlton James,     Hi. There are plastic tabs, welded studs and small holes in place to hold the vinyl top to the roof. I've heard that the body work needs to be done correctly (filling/welding) to make

2014-12-31 1987 Olds 3 liter V-6:

Karl,     Hi. With all of the troubleshooting you've done so far I would recommend a cylinder compression test. It is not difficult to test and I believe this is a crucial next step.     http://www.dummies


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