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Most anything about SAAB 900's 1990 and earlier only, except for automatic transmission info. Also, I have lotsa vintage parts.

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I have rebuilt many dozens of SAABS, from 1970's to 1990's.


BSEE grad work in electronics and underwater acoustics.

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Recent Answers from Jerry Schwell

2016-02-14 1998 SAAB 900 se turbo intermittent no start:

Chris:    As noted in my profile, my hands-on experience is limited to the pre-1992 900s and earlier. However, I have seen issues similar to yours so the following general information may help.  Sometimes

2015-07-18 Saab 900:

Peter:    Inasmuch as you did not specify the model year, I can only provide general recommendations. From what you've observed, it appears that the ignition keyswitch is the common factor. The terminals

2015-06-27 1996 SAAB 900 SE Convertible Fan won't turn on:

Dear Damon:    From your description, it sounds like the fan bearings are in need of lubrication as suggested by the hi-pitched squeak. If this has been going on for awhile, its possible that the bearings

2015-02-28 SAAB 1991 900 won't start.:

Ben:    From your observations, it sounds like a fuel deficiency issue. This can be caused by several things: 1.) Clogged/congested fuel filter   2.) Intermittent cranking position sensor signals which

2015-02-11 Saab 9-3 2001:

Filip:    I am sorry, but as noted in my profile, my hands on experience is limited to the older 900s only. On those models,it was not possible to replace the tensioner without removing the engine, but


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