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I can answer any kind of Volvo question to do with automotive repair on Volvo from mid 1980s to present .

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30 plus years Volvo experience and have been in the automotive industry my whole life


schooled in uk went to south London tech city and guilds in automotive science and masters in electrical engineering .

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Donald11/21/16101010It was the wiper relay. Problems solved .....
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Recent Answers from robert white

2016-12-11 s80 camshaft swap with sigle vvt instead of dual.:

changing to single cctv would not fix any check engine light issues also it is doubtful you would gain any real hp.Most of the issues with these is tinny turbos and mapping from the ecu always keeping

2016-11-11 94 940 volvo turn signals don't work:

wiper issue could be relay or internal motor issue ,as for fuse blowing  you need to find out what is on that circuit and remove them from that fuse then add them back one at a time until you find the

2016-11-11 '04 S60 2.5t o2 sensor codes:

will will need to check for power at both the o2 as far as i can remember this comes from the ecu but may be fused in the engine bay.sounds  like you have no preheater power supply especially on the sensor

2016-11-09 94 940 volvo turn signals don't work:

you should find the flasher relay in the fuse box ,its roughly in the middle if that is the one you have changed you should check for power and ground at the relay ,hope this helps ..

2016-07-24 2001 Volvo xc70 cold hard start with white smoke:

Possible that you have a leaking injector ,you say white smoke ,do you  need to top up the coolant or does it stay where it should .It is possible that you may have a coolant leak .Do you smell any sweet


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