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I can help you with any Jeep Cherokee questions. I have rebuilt, lifted, dropped, customized almost everything on a jeep. I am also very knowledgeable when it comes to cars and other trucks. One of my favorite things to work on is electrical problems. and Cooling issues. So take a minute and ask me a question and lets see if we can't get your rig back up and running! I also can answer questions about campers and motorhomes!

Experience in the area

I have been the head tech at my dads shop for years, I have built more trucks and cars from nothing than most people will ever see in their lives, and I also Work on Motorhomes and RV's


Virginia beach jeeps off- road


AS in Bible and BS in Business administration

Awards and Honors

2008 best jeep, at ETA in virginia beach

What do you like about this subject?

I love Building these great rigs and seeing kids pointing at them from the side of the road and yelling "MONSTER TRUCK" lol I get a kick out of it!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I want to start learning more about rear disc brake conversions and Leaf spring to coil conversions.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

most of the Problems that you may find can be solved with about $20 and a few hours of working.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Some people think that jeeps are hard to work on or the they get flustered at something small. They forget to break things down to their simplest parts and relook at the problem ina new light.

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Recent Answers from Eric Beck

2009-09-22 Jeep Liberty:

It sounds like it is not fully engaging in gear, I would go underneth and look at the transfer case and see if anything looks lose, if not I would take it to a shop. Something like this is nothing to just

2009-09-22 constant dead battery:

you have a pull on the battery somewhere. what i would do is put a multi meter on the battery and see what it reads, then start pulling fuses and see if you can make the battery fluxuate, then whatever

2009-09-18 91 cherokee sport rear axle play:

having to much play there is not a good thing. yet is is sometimes normal. if after you replaced everything there it still feels a little lose then it may need to have further work done to it. weight it

2009-09-18 Cooling & Electrical:

I guess this is the jeep thing, and we dont understand haha sorry for your luck, i dont know what to tell you.    OK so thanks for giving me a shi** rating for trying to answer your questions. Check this

2009-09-16 Cooling & Electrical:

I am going to try and answer your question the best that i can. But i want to start at the start of your probelms and this may answer a lot for you... You said that it was running hot.. Have you done any


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