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I cannot answer car permit questions. I can intelligently answer just about any question about driving in mainland Mexico, living in Mexico and hot springs in Mexico. I do not recommend specific hotels, there are quidebooks for that. I am not a Baja expert. That is a different part of the country and there are plenty of people who know more about it than I do. Naturally, I have a web site ( and make a living with personal consultations, but am here to offer good advice for general topics for free. But please understand that I can't answer detailed questions about moving or extensive driving trips to Mexico here without being unfair to my paying clients. And please, no car permit questions.

Experience in the area

Driving Mexico -- I have been driving to Mexico since 1968 and writing travel guides for drivers to Mexico since 1984. I frequently drive the country and have a reputation for honesty and integrity. I will tell people the plusses and minuses of traveling in and living in Mexico. Living in Mexico -- I have lived and done business in Mexico. My book, 'Live Better South of the Border' has been in print since 1997 and speaks to people of all ages, not just retirees. Hot springs of Mexico -- I have been researching and enjoying Mexican hot sprigs since the lsat 1980's. My book 'Spas & Hot Springs of Mexico' was the first book on Mexico's hot springs. It is now out of print, but selling for $60 or so on Amazon as a collector's item.


Chamber of Commerce, McAllen TX International Committee, Chamber of Commerce, McAllen, TX


Frommers, Fommers, Insight Guides, Dallas Morning News, Mexico Business Magazine, McAllen Monitor, Mexico City News, San Miguel de Allende paper 'Atencion' and so on


As the author of more than a dozen books on Mexico and psychology, I believe that speaks for my being educated.

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NY Times -- Profiled for writing about driving Mexico. Wall Street Journal -- Profiled for writing about driving Mexico. Texas Monthly -- ditto. Former Mecia Spokesman (1997) for the Mexican Tourimm Ministry

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2014-12-27 Purchasing a Jeep from Mexico:

Forget it. Period. Why on earth would you want to anyway? It will cost more in Mexico than in CA. As a foreigner, you could not purchase it anyway. Neither could the seller sell it, if he is a foreigner

2014-11-25 Hotel question:

I have seen it on press trips and think it is fine. It is only a 2 star hotel, but lots of times those places make up for that with character and kindness. Frankly, without knowing you, it is hard to say

2012-05-22 tracking mail in mexico:

You cannot depend on the postal service. The only way to make sure a package gets where it is going is DHL. Second choice is FedEx. UPS may deliver there, but I have had no experience. BUT remember that

2011-09-23 legalizing american in mexico:

The short answer is I doubt it. There is a process to legalize cars that changes frequently and is hardly worth the trouble. But that can only be done by a Mexican citizen (or a foreigner with residency

2011-01-09 Trip from Ixtapa to Melaque:

Trip planning is my specialty as is map-making for drivers. I recently drove that same route. In fact, unless you are already committed, I would suggest trying to stay in Zihuatenejo at Las Azucenas http://www


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