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My forte is audio.. Car/Home/Boat. You name it, I will help you even if it is just a link to more assistance. If you want to interface new gear to your factory radio I can do us both a favor and tell you to go to or call them at 1.800.555.7088. They really are top notch at doing that for people with great support. I will re-direct most questions of that nature to them. The rest of it... I am eager to help you with. I am also not a 'Master Installation Technician' that will tell you I cannot assist you with cars not made in the USA. Talk to me about any audio upgrades including 'bang for the buck'.
Specialties include: Overall Acoustics, Gain structure/settings and Enclosure design, system design/consultation, when/where to get which upgrades as well as other pertinent info for the mobile audio enthusiast and much more.
I also am NOT interested in buying your used gear so do not waste our time asking me. ♫

Experience in the area

My specialty as it is offered here, is Mobile and Home Audio Consultation.
Eight years IASCA - Pro 251-500 watt class
With Allexperts since 1999 (on and off).
35 years of overall professional sound and acoustical/electronic experience (since 1977) including: Sound Offs, Home audio, Mobile audio, Live sound, Churches, Theater, Live DJ and Studio Recording (analog and digital software and hardware), Effects, Looping, analog/digital mutli-track and mixdown . My mother was a record producer so I picked up a lot of additional professional knowledge and experience through the years. I was a Drum Tech for the Banshee reunion tour and toured as sound man with a regional act called Champion so I have practical knowledge for many aspects of audio.

If I cannot directly answer your question I will use my vast resource network to help you get a usable answer.

Favorite Mobile components:
Any amplifier based on ZED principles. Examples are Diamond, Zapco, Hifonics, Autotek, ect. And of course, Nakamichi (yes, still in business)
McCaulley, Polk and Dynaudio Speakers.
Clarion/Nakamichi headunits and processors.


>35 years of real world, audio experience.

What do you like about this subject?

Anything but 'boom' based audio systems. :) In the business since 1977
Favorite quotables:
Copyleft and Pay It Forward!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

That I can help otherwise well-intentioned audio enthusiasts realize that Dynamics are more fun than pure Sound Pressure Level!! In an accurate system SPL is a by-product of the accuracy.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

1) Not near enough qualified people volunteer, here. 2) I get about 350 questions a year. 3) Gold plated connectors' best attribute is corrosion resistance. Arguably, you will never hear the difference (but it is measurable).

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

If you can't crank it..yank it!

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