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Audio Design Engineer; systems, loudspeakers, cd/dvd players, etc. I am knowledgeable in all high end audio equipment and installations. MAKE SURE YOU GIVE A MAKE AND MODEL NUMBER AND CAR IF IT IS AN AUTO QUESTION. Note: I am getting some who ask good questions that take a lot of time to research but then the questioner fails to read the answer. Please don't ask questions unless you are seriously looking for an answer. If you find an answer to your question otherwise then let me know with your reply. Thank you.

Experience in the area

Have been associated with audio design, standards, testing and component systems for over 40 years.


Life Fellow Member of Audio Engineering Society Life Senior Member of Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers


Review technical manuscripts for IEEE Spectrum Write occasionally for high-end audio publications



Past/Present Clients

Past Employee/advisor to several well known audio products manufacturers

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2017-02-21 Turntable hookup:

You could connect the audio outputs (L and R rca connectors on back panel) of the Denon to audio inputs on the back of the Yamaha.  Keep the speakers always connected to the Yamaha rcvr.  When you want

2017-02-20 Turntable hookup:

Yes, perhaps hooking backup the Denon may help you determine the problem. If sound is good it points to the new rcvr as the problem area.    But speaker wires must be totally switched over. You must not

2017-02-20 Turntable hookup:

Don't know that preamp but it may not have sufficient output to drive the eq.  To prove the preamp is working correctly temporarily remove the eq and connect the preamp outs to the rcvr.    Then let me

2017-02-09 Microphone receiver.:

There are many dual mic systems if you follow this link:    But, I am not clear on the headphones functionality

2017-01-25 Music program for computer:

Are you using windows 10, in 64 bit mode?  I think that is necessary for the compatibility.    Seems x86 does not work out.    Why don't you consult with a local music store such as Sam Ash.  They work


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