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Audio Design Engineer; systems, loudspeakers, cd/dvd players, etc. I am knowledgeable in all high end audio equipment and installations. MAKE SURE YOU GIVE A MAKE AND MODEL NUMBER AND CAR IF IT IS AN AUTO QUESTION. Note: I am getting some who ask good questions that take a lot of time to research but then the questioner fails to read the answer. Please don't ask questions unless you are seriously looking for an answer. If you find an answer to your question otherwise then let me know with your reply. Thank you.

Experience in the area

Have been associated with audio design, standards, testing and component systems for over 40 years.


Life Fellow Member of Audio Engineering Society Life Senior Member of Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers


Review technical manuscripts for IEEE Spectrum Write occasionally for high-end audio publications



Past/Present Clients

Past Employee/advisor to several well known audio products manufacturers

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2017-03-26 car entertain:

Hope you have a big automobile!  Mounting 4 speakers will take a big space.    If you are looking to get accurate sound stage it will not help much. Why? Because space in car is small and very reflective

2017-03-24 car entertain:

It depends on many factors. Program source and settings of the balance among others.    But the ultimate criteria is if you will like it. Most modern-day music is heavily processed during mix down and

2017-03-23 Audio in DVR:

Mic in is for the output of a microphone goes into the device for amplification. So you can remember the standard nomenclature is:out means signal is coming out of that box/device and in means you are

2017-03-21 car entertain:

It is a personal choice. If you listen mostly to news and voice programs you would benifit little with rear speakers. Unless you have back seat riders with demands of their own!    For music you would

2017-03-16 Receiver and speaker combination:

I cannot vouch for the dog, but humans quickly get accustomed to hearing background noises.      You should start with a low cost receiver with built-in fm radio.  Places like BestBuy still have low cost


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