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I can help you with any questions that you may have in regards to campers and motorhomes. I will try to answer any questions that you may have about roofs, vents, refrigerators, A/C's, Etc. The only thing that i dont really get into would be anything dealing with the brakes, and Drivetrain. I can help you in those areas but maybe not answer all your questions

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My Dad owns Erics Rv Center in Virginia Beach, Va. and i have been working on camper with him since before i can remember. and for the past 6+ years i have been working there as his head tech.


Virginia Beach Jeeps Off- Road, as a Jeep Expert CBC camping club CAC Camping club


A lifetime of building Campers and Working in a shop environment working on motorhomes and campers.

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Recent Answers from Eric Beck

2009-09-22 no power after generator shut down:

Check all of you breakers and fuses on the inverter. This could be the problem. OR there is a unit that switchs the power from the generator to shore power, this may also be causing your problem. There

2009-09-22 water damage:

well first off i would buy some proflex roof sealant and reseal the roof. after that start feeling around to see if you can feel any soft spots, or if you see any discoloration. If so that panel may need

2009-09-19 RM2652 Refridgerator:

The recall kit should not effect the LP system. unless he did something wrong. Your not cooling problem could be due to low coolent. It maybe time for a cooling unit. about $300. really just depends but

2009-09-18 dometic 2611 refridgerator:

Well im sure that we can order anything in that you may need, but you should be close to Virginia Beach area, because shipping charges stink. As for being level.. Level = upright. as far as bubble in the

2009-09-17 running lights not working:

you have another bad wire in there somewhere. keep looking. I mean think about what you just said, when the campers not moving its fine, but when it does move it blows a fuse. what happens when you drive


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