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All Harley Davison bikes 1984 till 2013

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44 years qith Harley davidson


Chicago Southside johnnys Hi performance Dyno tuning and custom maping 114 N Pacific ave San Pedro Ca. 90731 562_666_6062


Harley womwns magazine. Hot Bike mag, out law biker mag, supercycle mag, Too meny to list


Macter PhD technition, Dynojet owner and trained technition

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Prashant S Akerkar09/28/15101010Dear Johnny Thanks. Thanks & Regards, Prashant .....
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2016-03-01 1993 springer's directional lights:

With out looking at the bike and seeing what wires are there it would just be a guest. sorry but I don't know if wires were removed, or the turn signal module  was removed, or if conecters. We're unplug

2015-09-08 About A Quart Of Oil Came Out:

It's called oil sumping, oil goes past the oil pump check valve and puts engine oil into the bottom end of the crank case. When you start the bike the oil come out of the crank case breather hose, causing

2015-07-29 1981 HD FLT charging problem:

Battery should have a full charge.  Then unplug the regulator from the stator,  put volt meter on A.C. volts. Start bike and see if your getting A.C. voltage.  At idle you should get about 20 A.C. voltage

2015-06-20 02 softail efi:

You have a intake manifold leak, spray carb cleaner through straw by the manifold where it mounts to the heads do front and rear. While the bike is running,  if the bike dyes out then you found you intake

2015-04-05 1990 Harley Sportster:

There is a little inspection cover in the middle of the outer primary, that is the big cover on the left side of the motor. at the back of the primary there is a bolt that needs to be removed. Then pore


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