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Lazaros Ampatzidis


I can help you on EVERY issue involving POST-1980 Japanese Motorcycles plus KTM and Husaberg. My field of expertise includes Engine, Transmission, Fuel system (carburation & EFI),Electrics and Electronics. Maintenance, repair and tuning. Road and off-road suspension tuning. Please don't ask me about non-Japanese Motorcycle, especially American built on which I have low to zero experience.

Experience in the area

I'm a rider and hobbyist since childhood. 25 years motorcycle workshop mechanic.15 years motorcycle racing mechanic. In order of experience high to low:Kawasaki,Suzuki,Honda,Yamaha,KTM,Husaberg.


Hellenic (Greek) Technical School.Internal Combustion Engines Engineer. Automotive Electronics.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

The Sky is the limit...

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Robert09/04/16101010Thank you so much. That helped tremendously .....
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Robert08/03/16101010Lazaros did a great job of responding .....
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Recent Answers from Lazaros Ampatzidis

2016-09-05 87 Yamaha Venture Royal computer monitor display issues.:

Hi Robert,    In that case, the backlight must be blown, or, has bad connection.    I'm not sure if the backlight is a common bulb with a reflector, or, LED on the printed circuit of the computer monitor

2016-09-04 87 Yamaha Venture Royal computer monitor display issues.:

Hello Robert,    Most probably, the illumination control potentiometer is malfunctioning due to moisture or dust.    Try turning the knob fully clockwise and then anti-clockwise several times. If it doesn't

2016-08-18 KLE500 Charging Problem:

Hello Elias,    First, check the battery terminals for looseness and/or bad contact due to oxidation, grease or pole protection substance.    Next, disconnect the three yellow wire connector, placed over

2016-08-07 87 Yamaha Ventura Royal Speedometer:

Hello Robert,    As it is complicated to guide you through the procedure, here is a link to a video on youtube:    Hopefully it will help.  The author has a

2016-08-06 85 Yamaha 700 xj maxim:

Hello Danny,    Sounds like overcharging. You have to measure charging voltage.    To do that, you need a multitester, set to DC-Volts, at, at least 20v range. Connect the tester's red (+) probe to battery's


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