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I can answer questions about relationships with Ukrainian and Russian women. Going to the former Soviet Union countries to find a wife became very popular in the middle of 90-ies but soon men from around the world realized that there was a lot of deceive and lack of integrity on the part of marriage agencies which operated in those countries. Mordinson family started a matchmaking business in Kharkov Ukraine in 1999 and it has a unique, personal approach to what we do. We are a family owned agency and we only operate in one city, we do not have thousands of profiles, but every ukrainian woman who is a member of Mordinson agency is currently interested in finding a soul mate. If you have questions about finding a woman of your dreams in Ukraine, don't hesitate to ask!

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I have been working in the Ukrainian women marriage agency called Mordinson since 1999. I am a matchmaker and personal interpreter for our clients who come to Ukraine to meet the local women


A Mordinson Introduction, Kharkov, Ukraine



Ukrainian People's Academy- Bachelor in Business 2005

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