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As an Intuitive Relationship Expert, I assist people in getting out of relationship hell by loving themselves all the way to relationship bliss. Any questions pertaining to manifesting relationship bliss is what I do best! Using my intuition, personal, and professional experience, I offer insightful,practical, honest, and uplifting advice on all relationship matters.

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I have had several romantic and long-term relationships. I used to struggle in my relationships, but through healing, self-discovery, and keeping things simple, I manifested relationship bliss by marrying the partner-of-my-dreams and repairing all past relationships (familial, romantic, and platonic.) In my professional life, I chose to use my intuition, experience, and professional training to support people in manifesting success in their relationships.


Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner- Reiki Master- Soul Enrichment Center of El Paso, TX Bachelor's of Arts in English & Anthropology from Texas State University

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2015-10-10 Turning a new leaf:

Hi Nina,    Great to hear from you!      I would highly recommend that you check out a free report that I created.  The information in this report can support you greatly in shedding light onto why you

2015-05-30 Dating Advice:

Hi Brad,    Thank you for your question.     To answer your question: yes, the way that you are feeling is completely normal for someone in their mid-20s.    It is not something that is talked about too

2014-08-05 Will my turn happen?:

Alison,      Congratulations on all of your career success!      There is a saying that energy goes where the attention flows. This means that anything we put our attention into is likely to manifest.

2014-07-31 Will my turn happen?:

Hi Alison,    Thank you so much for your question. Your courage and vulnerability is admirable. What I am hearing you say is that you want to manifest a rockin' relationship and that up until now, you

2014-07-17 How to get this guy to message me back? I want to try one more time.:

 Hi Taylor,    Thank you so much for your question. Sometimes chatting on Facebook or having small talk with other people can be scary and we can avoid it. I want to acknowledge you for taking steps to


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