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expertise: over 6000 questions answered...B.A. Psychology Bates College;graduate study, Fordham Univ. School Social Work; technical editor, "dating for dummies" by dr joy browne...thoughtful consideration of your question, then insightful advice about love,romance and related issues given in an objective, non-judgmental manner...over 20 years of personal experience in both short and long term relationships...longer term consultations are available experience: personal involvement in many relationships where issues of love, sex, intimacy, trust, etc., had to be dealt with and resolved...just having "experiences", however, isn`t`s the thoughtful reflection upon and analysis of what happened and why, that leads to learning and tell me what`s on your mind and i`ll try to help, or tell you if i can`t...thanks

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2016-03-05 Relationship:

hello..i'm in CT as well; I've no idea as to the chances of him changing his mind; But at this point, it's really up to him as to the next move here; certainly a card is fine, but other than that, you

2015-10-30 me and my ex boyfriend:

so he says how bad you are, but you're good enough to have sex with?...does that seem ok to you? as i said, forget for the girl, she's not goin anywhere so nothing will be changing; and who's

2015-10-30 me and my ex boyfriend:

there's little to do but accept the situation, while declining the friendship--you have too many feelings at the moment to be a real friend, and you don't want to be one of those people that uses the "friends"

2015-07-02 Disappearing:

first, i'm not dennis, but since you wrote...i think it's a combination of 2 influences; first, people nowadays, but not all, are generally less considerate, respectful, rational; guys especially will

2015-05-13 What does he want?:

to me, this is ALREADY defined as a relationship, but maybe no one has proclaimed it as an "excluive" one; after 2 months, and since there's sex involved, asking for exclusivity is more than reasonable


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