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Literally, any question related to finding and meeting the man of your dreams. I am the top-rated expert in "General Dating Questions", "How to Attract the Man/Woman of your Dreams" and "Places to Meet People". In fact, over the past few years, I've answered over 32,000 letters from readers, have written over 700 articles, written numerous books, recorded CD's and DVD's, done hundreds of radio and tv shows and have millions of readers all over the world. If your question is particularly sensitive you can also write to me privately and securely at:

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I've written many books on every aspect of dating, sex and relationships. My new book, "How Women Can Approach Men" is already quickly becoming one of our best-sellers! Women have many tools at their disposal and shouldn't have to wait for "Mr. Right" to come along! After reading some of the advice the women in this section are getting from other women, I think it's a good idea to offer a man's perspective.


Numerous boards and commissions, civic organizations, etc.


Thousands of websites, magazines, radio and TV.


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Hello Yet Again!    Answer: that British mother needs to grow up and stop being manipulative and controlling. Claiming that someone is "abusive" without proof is heinous by itself. Trying to control her

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As before, I don't know this mother, her daughter, this guy or anything about the situation other than the few bits of information you've given me.    Far more important, I don't read minds.    Regards

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Hello!    I don't know this 18-year-old girl. I don't know her circumstances. I don't know this guy and I don't read minds either.    I also don't answer hypothetical questions nor do I do homework questions

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Hello Bri!    Relationships are fragile things. It's very easy to ruin them with misplaced insecurities and suspicions. These are things you absolutely need to get a handle on and to get fixed. You don't


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