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All questions related to breaking up with someone in a mature, appropriate manner, based on the individual situation.

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I have become something of a requested expert on the subject of how to break up with someone for the best possible outcome for both parties. I can help all ages with this advice.


BA Journalism, nearing completion of my MA, Forensic Psychology, continuing on to my Clinical Psychology PhD.

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2015-07-15 Did I do the right thing?:

Rachel    Re read this letter as if your friend wrote it to you.     To be blunt,     The answer is YES, you did the right thing.... because you should have never been in a relationship with such a loser

2015-06-22 hi:

Hi Michelle    You did nothing wrong, and continue to do so!     What I mean is that you shared your normal feelings and perhaps he wasn't so sincere back towards you.    Let's look at the facts -    

2015-05-09 Congratulating an Ex?:

Russ,     Always consider -- what is the end result desired?     Work backwards from that goal to achieve it. Do you want to attempt to start it up again, or not? Just be nice? Purpose hoping to achieve?

2015-02-16 How to get over a breakup after one year?:

Hello Evelyn    I know it is hard.....    It will be hard, but honor his decision, and do not pine for him - especially if he can see it or his friends can hear of it.  One thing that helps is to act the

2014-12-15 Breaking Up:

Hi Pete    I am sorry to hear this, especially during the holidays.....    You don't say why you two broke up, so I am not sure why she has acted this way.     If you made these kind of payments, you might


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