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expertise: over 7000 questions answered...B.A. Psychology Bates College;graduate study, Fordham Univ. School Social Work; technical editor, "dating for dummies", 2d edition, by dr joy browne; thoughtful consideration of your question, then insightful advice about love,romance and related issues given in an objective, non-judgmental manner...over 20 years of personal experience in both short and long term relationships...longer term consultations are available upon experience: personal involvement in many relationships where issues of love, sex, intimacy, trust, etc., had to be dealt with and resolved...just having "experiences", however, isn`t`s the thoughtful reflection upon and analysis of what happened and why, that leads to learning and tell me what`s on your mind and i`ll try to help, or tell you if i can`t...thanks

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Over 20 years personal experience in dating, including both short and long-term relationships.Thoughtful reflection and analysis upon same, as well as providing imput relating to issues of love and romance to friends and acquaintances.

BA, Psychology, Bates College, Lewiston, Me. Graduate study at Fordham University School of Social Work.

Life experience can really be the only teacher in this area; however going through the experience is not enough. What is necessary is a real awareness, sensitivity to, and reflection upon what has happened, what has been lost, what has been gained. Getting beyond one's own insecurities and subjectivities, and seeing the experience in the context of the bigger picture, are essential stepping stones to learning and announces CT matchmaking service..for more, go to


see above..

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technical editor, "Dating for Dummies", 2d edition, by dr joy update: over 7000 questions answered..

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hopefully you really like her ALOT and have a ton of patience, because this could be a real "project" I mean when even a hug is a big deal, we're back to puritannical times; i would never ask for a kiss--that's

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ok so i'll assume that means you live together; i'm of the opinion that there's not a big difference between living together or a ceremony, then still living together; plus you have all these complications

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living together?..ages?  you love her?

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well, you had the misfortune of falling in love with a boy that doesn't love you; plus, even if it were MUTUAL, college changes everything; it's time to start removing your emotions from this--if it takes


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